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About ET Foundation

The Extrusion Technology for Aluminum Profiles Foundation was created by the Aluminum Extrusion Council (AEC) to develop, promote, provide, and fund education and research related to aluminum extrusion processes and technology, while developing and promoting interest in and awareness of the field of aluminum extrusion. Visit for more information about AEC.

ET Foundation's principal focus is on education, including academic outreach to and scholarship opportunities for universities and high schools, in addition to creating new outlets for professional development throughout the aluminum extrusion industry.

The ET Foundation is a publicly supported organization dedicated to furthering aluminum extrusion technology and its applications worldwide. The Foundation relies upon the support of individuals and organizations that see the value in educational outreach and are willing to donate funds to further the cause.

Making A Tax-deductible* Gift to the Foundation: Pledge Form

Your tax-deductible* gift to the Foundation will assist its efforts in developing programs, seminars, and scholarship opportunities that ultimately will benefit the aluminum extrusion industry. Please send the completed Pledge Form with your donation to:

ET Foundation

1000 N Rand Rd, Suite 214

Wauconda, Illinois 60084


We appreciate your support!

*Consult your tax advisor for details covering gifts to organizations recognized under section 501(c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.