ET'12 abstracts will be available in 2011. ET'08 abstracts can be found below.


Abstracts for the technical papers to be presented as Technical Sessions at ET '08 are organized by topic category below. The scheduled start time is listed on the abstract; each presentation will last 25 minutes with a 5 minute break.

BP: Billet Process and Equipment

Melting; casting; homogenizing; furnace operation; metallurgical properties; alloy chemistry; research and development.

EE: Extrusion Equipment

Extrusion presses; control technology; ovens; lubrication; handling equipment; quench systems; saws and shears.

MI: Management Issues

General management topics; quality; safety; product development and design; new applications; environmental issues; globalization; market development strategies.

PR: Extrusion/Die Practical

Extrusion process and die mechanics from an operational standpoint: thermal alignment; process control, extrusion metallurgy; process variables; weld seam quality; tooling; die design, manufacture, and correction; die coating, cooling, and cleaning.

TH: Extrusion/Die Theoretical

Experimental extrusion processes and die mechanics: metal flow simulation; thermo-mechanical modeling; FEM modeling; process development and control; research.

VA: Value-Added Processes

Post-extrusion operations; finishing techniques, options, and alternatives; surface treatments; means of fabrication; friction stir welding; process applications; packaging.

Note: Abstracts have been submitted for consideration and possible presentation at ET '08.