May 13 - 16, 2008
Gaylord Palms
Orlando, Florida USA

  VA: Value-Added Processes Abstracts: BPEEMIPRTH • VA


001 VA Acid Etch for Aluminum Extrusions Prior to Anodizing
008 VA Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication Solutions for the Automotive and Transportation Markets
024 VA Thermally Efficient Products through Computer Simulation Software
029 VA Flexible Extrusion of 3D-curved Profiles for Structural Components
033 VA Innovative Anodizing and Coating Technologies for Processes and Plants of the Future
058 VA Chemical Depth Profiling of Anodized Extrusion Surfaces using rf-GD-OES
063 VA Choosing Your Best Coating Solution for Aluminum Extrusions
066 VA Managing Your Product from Your Dock to the Customer's Dock
068 VA Mechanisms of Streaking on Anodized 6xxx-Series Extrusions—Best of Track Award
075 VA Process Control and Data Acquisition and its Direct Impact on Plant-Wide Operational Excellence
077 VA Increasing the Use of Aluminum Extrusions for Structural Applications through the Knowledge of Available Welding Resources
082 VA Hybrid Nanostructure of the Anodic Oxide as an Alternative Finish for Extrusions: A Case Study
089 VA In-Line Paint Stripping of Hooks
095 VA Retrogression Heat Treatment as a Means of Improving Formability of Aluminum Extrusions
116 VA Filiform Corrosion and Results of Ten Years' Natural Weathering
117 VA A New Advanced Profile-Shaping Technique for Design and Manufacturing of Automotive Components

121 VA A Non-HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant) Coating for Extruded Aluminum
135 VA Friction Stir Welding (FSW) of Aluminum-Alloy Extrusion Panels for New Zealand Naval Inshore Vessel Building
139 VA Automatic Self-Cleaning Booth for Vertical Powder Coating Lines

140 VA New Solutions for Packaging Extrusions

145 VA Comparative Study of Electrostatic Applicators for Vertical Powder Paint Systems; Traditional Multi-gun Applicators versus the Single Overflow Bed Disk System

156 VA Wood Grain on Aluminum Profiles

158 VA A Safer Alternative to Chromate Passivation for Aluminum Pretreatment