May 13 - 16, 2008
Gaylord Palms
Orlando, Florida USA

  TH: Extrusion/Die Theoretical Abstracts: BPEEMIPR • TH • VA


009 TH Process Engineering Modeling a Ticket to Higher Efficiency in Aluminum Extrusion
014 TH Extrusion Benchmark 2007
015 TH Grain Sizes Predicted in AA6082 Profiles Extrusion
028 TH Analysis of Mechanical Properties of 2xxx T3 and T8 Aluminum Extruded Rods by Means of Neural Networks
032 TH Application Qform Program for Improvement of the Die Design and Profile Extrusion Technology
035 TH Use of Adaptive Neural Networks (ANN) in the Aluminum Extrusion Process Control
037 TH Biomechanics in Extrusion Dies: Finding a Proper Web Cross-Section in Porthole Dies Regarding a Fish Body
039 TH Extrusion Simulation as the Way to Close the Loop in Die-Design
040 TH Die Design and Manufacturability Formalization Using the Medial Axis Representation
041 TH Simulation and Experimental Investigations on Composite Extrusion Processes
048 TH Advanced Numerical Techniques to Simulate Extrusion
060 TH Influence of Geometric Dynamic Recrystallization in the Dead Metal Zone on Peripheral Coarse Grain Defect Formation in Indirect Extrusion
072 TH 3-D Numerical Simulation of Direct Aluminum Extrusion and Die Deformation
074 TH Solid-State Bonding in Longitudinal Weld Seam Formation
078 TH Indirect Extrusion of Rapidly Solidified AI-base Alloy Powder/Flakes and Deformation Behavior of the Extrudate
079 TH Lifetime Comparison of Different Hot Work Tool Steels for Extrusion Tools in Aluminum Extrusion
080 TH Flow Front Tracking in Aluminum Extrusion Dies Using an Eulerian Description
091 TH Prediction and Control of Subgrain Size in the Hot Extrusion of Aluminum Alloys with Feeder Plates
092 TH Innovative Methodologies to Increase Productivity by Simulating Development of Structure during Extrusion and Solution Soaking
093 TH Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of Continuous Extrusion

142 TH Control of Asymmetric Recrystallization in Single and Multi-Hole Die Extrusion—Best of Track Award

153 TH A Review of Recrystallization Mechanisms as They Relate to Complex Forgings Produced from Extruded 6061 Forging Stock