May 13 - 16, 2008
Gaylord Palms
Orlando, Florida USA

  PR: Extrusion/Die Practical Abstracts: BPEEMI • PR • THVA

013 PR Process of Achieving Extrusion Excellence
018 PR Die Performance Optimization through Understanding of the Surface Features of Fatigue Fractures
021 PR The Die Does Not Make the Extrusion
023 PR The Use of Gaseous Nitrogen to Improve the Surface Finish of Dilute 6xxx Extrusions
026 PR Extrusion Surface Effects Resulting from Billet Surface Inflow—Best of Track Award
036 PR Metal Flow in Extrusion with Different Orifices
038 PR Two-step Aging Behaviors of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Extrusions
043 PR Seam Welds Quality in AA6060 Alloy
047 PR Simulated-Aided Extrrusion: An Efficient Optimization Strategy
049 PR Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Longitudinal Weld Seams in Industrial AA6060, AA6082, and AA7020 Aluminum Extrusions

050 PR Experimental Study of Longitudinal Weld Seam Properties in Tubular AA6060 and AA6082 Extrusions
051 PR Quality Issues of Hollow Extrusions for Aerospace Applications
052 PR Scrap Allocation—Best Paper of ET '08
055 PR Gas Nitriding versus Ferritic Nitrocarburizing in Surface Hardening of Extrusion Dies
067 PR Quench Sensitivity Test Method for Aluminum Extrusion Alloys
076 PR Seam Welds Modelling and Mechanical Properties Prediction in the Extrusion of AA6082 Alloy
085 PR Extrusion Defects—Streaking
100 PR Extrusion Die Specification—How to Obtain Repeatable Performance
109 PR Development of the latest Heat Exchanger Tube
130 PR The Case-Based System for Aluminum Extrusion Die Design in a Context of Integrated Design
134 PR Effects of Process Conditions on Die Pickup Formed during Extrusion of Aluminum Alloy AA6060
136 PR Exponential Die Life and Consistent Weight-Per-Foot Using BC-115 Inserted Tooling

144 PR Progressive Quenching: Decoupling Metallurgical Properties and Distortion Control

147 PR Optimizing AA3003 for Extrudability and Grain Size Control

149 PR Implications and Influence of Complex Extrusions and Nonstandard Shapes on Extrusion Press Productivity

150 PR Boron Nitride—Solutions for the Aluminum Extrusion

155 PR The Development of a High Performance Product Created Through the Combination of Metallurgical Technology, Process Control, and Lean Manufacturing

157 PR Butterfly Dies—Increase Extrusion Speed through Innovative Porthole Die Design