May 13 - 16, 2008
Gaylord Palms
Orlando, Florida USA

Billet Process and Equipment

154 BP
Friday, May 16 - 9:00am

Degassing Technology: A Review of Design and Operational Considerations for Effective Removal of Hydrogen in Molten Aluminum

Dave Shoemaker, Garry McDaniel, Nat Stevens, Rob Matuska -- Kaiser Aluminum, USA

Readily-soluble hydrogen gas in aluminum at casting temperatures must be removed to low levels. Inadequate removal negatively impacts fatigue life, fracture toughness and surface appearance. Spinning nozzle, inert gas technology cost-effectively removes hydrogen. Several design and operation variations for standard spinning nozzle degassing, and their impact on degassing efficiencies are discussed. Key operational variables relevant to successful aluminum degassing are reviewed.