May 13 - 16, 2008
Gaylord Palms
Orlando, Florida USA

Billet Process and Equipment

101 BP
Wednesday, May 14 - 11:30am

Al-Mg-Si Alloy with Improved Crush Properties

Jostein Røyset, Ulf Tundal, Oddvin Reiso, and Trond Furu -- Hydro Aluminium R&D Technology, Norway

Alloy crush performance is critical for extruded structural automotive components. Uniaxial crush tests measure profile cracking, predicting component behavior in actual crashes. Increasing Al-Mg-Si alloy yield strength requirements makes obtaining desired crush properties more difficult. Non-fibrous Al-Mg-Si alloys with improved crush properties, and alloys with different Mg/Si ratios are examined. Applied knowledge is discussed, including added dispersoids and post-extrusion cooling rates.